View Of The Hudson *
John Frederick Kensett
The Baltimore Museum of Art
Portrait of George Washington*
Gilbert Stuart
The Walters Art Museum

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The History of the United States Federation of Friends of Museums (USFFM)

  • In 1973 following in the path of international initiatives created by the Volunteer Committees of Art Museums of the U.S. and Canada (VCAM), the U.S. Association of Museum Volunteers (USAMV) was formed in 1979 which would include individual and committees as members from all types of museums. The USAMV then became the first U.S. member of the World Federation of Friends of Museums (WFFM). After these initiatives, the USAMV changed its title to the American Association of Museum Volunteers (AAMV) becoming an active member of the USFFM which was founded in 1989 as the United States member of the World Federation of Friends of Museums. The Federation encompasses individuals and groups of Friends and volunteers and serves as the communications link between and among museum associations. The USFFM is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization supported entirely by dues and private contributions. It is an active member of the World Federation of Friends of Museums (WFFM).

The Mission and Objectives of the USFFM

  • The Mission is to encourage volunteer efforts for museums and to facilitate an exchange of information among Friends organizations, both nationally and internationally
  • Definition of Friend: “Those who contribute in any way to the support of museums, to their development, and to their public presence and influence are called ‘friends of museums’. They act on a voluntary and non-remunerative basis. Their support is moral, financial, or consists of voluntary work or expertise. Benefactors, donors, volunteers, museum board members, and members of museums are all considered friends of museums.” Code of Ethics, World Federation of Friends of Museums.
  • The Objectives:
    • to promote communication and reciprocity among US Friends groups
      and Friends groups from the many nations in the WFFM.
    • to encourage the formation of new associations of museum Friends.
    • to act as a bridge between community interests and museum professionals.
    • to support and encourage small museums.
    • to encourage the formation of young Friends groups and to assist them in every possible way.
    • to disseminate information through newsletters, lectures, conferences and special events.
    • to raise funds to support the projects of the USFFM and WFFM.
    • to stimulate the interest of young people in their museums and their cultural heritage.

Art Work Credits

  • View Of The Hudson, 1865 / John Frederick Kensett, American, 1818-1872 / Oil on Canvas, 28x45 in.
    Baltimore Museum of Art: Gift of Mrs. Paul H. Miller / BMA 1942.4
  • Portrait of George Washington / Gilbert Stuart / The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore MD.